Samantha Fergus

UX/UI Designer

Multi-disciplinary creative bringing visions to life

InkWell logo

Ink Well

Inkwell is an Ecommerce platform for buying tattoo supplies. Local to Texas, Ink Well’s supplies are made and manufactured by hand and by this brand. Danny B. the Founder of Inkwell reached out to create a brand identity and mobile experience for his ecommerce platform.

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Hi there, I’m Samantha Fergus aka Fergie!

FERGIE - I got the nickname Fergie from a drill sergeant during my time in bootcamp.

3 - My main mediums as a creative: Digital Art and Design, Tattooing, and Painting.

INK - Most days I am covered in ink both digitally and figuratively.

Picture of Fergie - Samantha Fergus

My creative journey began as a pastry chef for the United States Navy. Over a decade later, I’ve worked in artistic forms ranging from famous statues in modeling chocolate, to palette furniture, bird houses, watercolor painting, logos, etc. All of these mediums have given me a unique perspective on how to take someone’s vision and truly turn it into a tangible reality. Studying users’ experience and needs is at its base what every artist does when creating for a client. I’ve now taken that to the next step and begun to create for digital users.