Ink Well

Inkwell is an Ecommerce platform for buying tattoo supplies. Local to Texas, Ink Well’s supplies are made and manufactured by hand and by this brand. Danny B. the Founder of Inkwell reached out to create a brand identity and mobile experience for his ecommerce platform.

My Role

  • Brand & Identity
  • Mobile Design
  • Wireframes
  • Research


It was important to decide what approach the founder wanted to make entering into the tattoo supply market. The client and I began by collaborating on visual mood boards. He wanted the brand to feel slick and sophisticated. We drew inspiration from old tattoo traditions, slicked back 50s hairstyles, old muscle cars, a touch of goth and most importantly a suave demeanor.

Art board 1 Art board 2

Branding Ideation

Guided by our mood boards, we iterated broadly and played with different typography, graphic elements and shapes to ground InkWell mark. We worked closely throughout the process to learn what was working and continued to refine. Below are a handful of our concepts.

All Ink Well logos

Typography & Color

We wanted the type pairing to reference edgy, creative, bold , yet a polished professional feel of the inspiration. I wanted the primary branding color to have rich depth. Yellows, that pair with both the white and the black.

Ink Well typography and colors

Final Branding

The final branding for InkWell, a suite of flexible logo, with various supporting graphic elements. The logotype features adapted typography, that has its own set of characters and also plays off of their Texas feel.

Ink Well logo

InkWell for Mobile

After establishing InkWell’s identity, one of the primary applications of the brand was on the website. Because,Inkwell is and ecommerce based website is important to provide context about the project and helps promote traffic to the site the site. It is fully responsive for both web and mobile to ensure a seamless experience across devices.

Establishing the Mobile Experience

We had brainstorming sessions with Inkwell to learn more about the goals set out for this ecommerce platform for tattoo supplies. Determining necessary pages and flow for the users for their online shopping experience. The insite we gathered guided us to site map sketching and low fidelity wireframes work out the information architecture.

Landing and Homepage

The landing page of the website features a welcome to InkWell Logo and video. Upon click, the user is taken to the home page and a platform where you can see products.


InkWell is a Texas based tattoo supply store. Where inks, instruments, and furniture are made in house for artist. You are coming on their platform to purchase directly from them and not from another company.


INKWell will be hosting a grand opening event.l also takes her roaming center on the road in her van and transforms parking lots, strip malls, private venues, and public squares into pop up classrooms. Events include VHS tape preserving and free digitization services, workshops and VHS and equipment rentals. The Upcoming pages are important for promotion and providing participants information about the events.