Samantha Fergus

UX/UI Designer

Multi-disciplinary creative bringing visions to life

About Fergie

Who is Samantha Fergus and what is this Fergi3Ink business?

Hi there, I’m Samantha Fergus aka Fergie!


I got the nickname Fergie from a drill sergeant during my time in bootcamp.


The 3 represents my 3 main mediums as a creative.

  • Digital Art and Design
  • Tattooing
  • Painting


Most days I am covered in ink both digitally and figuratively.

My creative journey began as a pastry chef for the United States Navy. Over a decade later, I’ve worked in artistic forms ranging from famous statues in modeling chocolate, to palette furniture, bird houses, watercolor painting, logos, etc. All of these mediums have given me a unique perspective on how to take someone’s vision and truly turn it into a tangible reality. Studying users’ experience and needs is at its base what every artist does when creating for a client. I’ve now taken that to the next step and begun to create for digital users.

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Picture of Fergie - Samantha Fergus